Title: Edge

Artist: HAIM

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Title: Vegas

Artist: Sara Bareilles

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Happy Birthday Lea Michele Sarfati (August 29th, 1986)

foreverundecisive: what is your favourite thing to do?


Eat chipotle

make me choose: anoymous asked, emaya or emison.

"My feelings for you are crystal clear."

Blue Ivy reacting to seeing herself on the screen during Beyonce’s VMA performance.

I ask myself the same question every day.

✎ Anonymous: the "halloween" episode is just a q&a with the cast. not a "actual" episode.

yes I’m aware but you don’t simply include Bianca Lawson in it when her character has been gone for 3 seasons cause that’s just a UNNECESSARY REMINDER HALF OF MY OTP IS DEAD.

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